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Garage Shelves, Awesome

One of the earliest posts on this blog was a celebration of the installation of 6 inch rain gutters on our house. By the way, those rain gutters have rocked. It seems only fitting that I should comment on the very small project that we had done in our garage that made me just giddy yesterday.

We had a row of shelves installed on the back wall of our garage. In a period of 6 hours, including moving stuff, having the shelves built, and then putting everything back away the garage was transformed from a disaster scene to a soothing zen experience.


If you come to my house in the next couple of weeks, expect to get a tour of my garage shelves. :-)


  1. What, no photos of the finished product? :)

    Who’d you have do them and what did it run you? We’ll be moving into our new place a week from today and I’m curious!


  2. @Tim, I sent you a note with his contact name.

    If anyone else wants a referral contact me and I’ll send it to you. He does great work, and is a super nice guy.

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