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Frontline: Generation Like

Tammy and I watched this Frontline: Generation Like tonight. If you are at all curious about how the social media ecosystem works, where the revenue is, what the motivation behind the users is check this out. Very well done episode with a lot of insight.

So much of what happens in this social ecosystem seems like bubble gum. It always leaves me wondering what impact would it have if this effort went to doing something worthwhile, instead of selling tickets to movies.


  1. Patrick Hambek

    April 30, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    I watched that episode of Frontline also. Interesting what clicking Like does, but I find it incredibly stupid for the people that want a lot of likes or Twitter followers. I didn’t find any of the web celebrities remotely interesting and fail to see why other people do. It would be an interesting experiment to see what clicking Like would do for something worthwhile.

    I agree it was a well done episode with some interesting insight.

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