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Fresh the movie

Watching Fresh tonight. I have no need to know anything more about this topic. I believe I’ve read and seen all I need to, but it seems too important to not stay focused on it.

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  1. The paleolithic or “paleo” diet is the diet of our ancestors in ‘deep time.’ Our bodies evolved and adapted to certain environmental systems. We have opened the flood gate to consume the cheapest calories available–carbohydrates and sugars. Loren Cordain “The Paleo Diet” is a great starting point.

    My view is that slow-food mvmt, vegetarian movement and other food-focused ideas are being conflated with the obesity epidemic — and not enough time and attention is being given to the paleo diet, which I believe solves the obesity problem.

    Other reading:

    • Wolfe (sp) student of Cordain “The Paleo Solution”
    • Tim Ferriss “Four Hour Body”
    • Taubes “Why we Get Fat” & “Good Calories Bad Calories”

    From whence we came, there we must return.


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