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Flickr, Leaving You in Control

I want to take a moment to applaud Flickr. It really frustrates me when websites do not give you full control of your data. I decided that I wanted to start over on Flickr and delete every picture I have. Some services make this so painful. In Flickr though, it was just a couple of clearly labeled and easily accessible clicks away.

That took a while, but when it was done I had a blank slate to start with again.

Thank you Flickr for making it very clear that I am in charge of my account and what is there.


  1. It’s taken them a while to get to this point. For a long time – I think your images still persisted, and were available if you new the direct link, but the references on you page were removed. Wonder if they still have the language in their EULA about having rights to your photos or not.

    Section 9 says that for photos you grant license to Yahoo for any use they want as long as “you elect to continue to include such Content on the Yahoo! Services and will terminate at the time you remove or Yahoo! removes such Content from the Yahoo! Services.”
    Your comments are theirs in perpetuity.

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