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First Run with Chemex

Tammy surprised me with a Chemex Coffeemaker for Valentine’s Day. I brewed a batch of coffee with it for the first time today and it was great. So smooth, nearly no acidity. This is a great option for occasions where I want a cup of coffee instead of an espresso.


  1. My very favorite way to make regular brewed coffee. It helps that I have hot water always available from my commercial Gaggia espresso maker, I can just pour water in small amounts over the grounds. Be sure to use a course grind, like #7, as #5 for regular conical drip is too fine. If you note to grind for Chemex, most places will use #7 on a Ditting grinder. The same grind can be used for French press. You can grind this coarse on your Mazzer, just need to make sure that you clear espresso grind out of the chamber first, a slight hassle, as after you grind, you have to clear the coarse grind out completely too or it goofs up your next espresso. You can use a typical blade grinder in a pinch, just pulse a few times and leave really coarse, not perfect, but will get you through.

    You might find that using a teapot may be easier than boiling in a saucepan (as seen in your photo). Another thing to place on your wish list if you don’t have one. I’m sure you appreciated the ‘bloom’ when you poured the hot water over the grinds, pretty amazing. I take any extra coffee and put in the refrigerator and use it for ice coffee later in the day, a nice treat, similar to cold press since it is so smooth. You will be very happy you have this. After getting it, I have not used electric, 6-7 years and counting. Bravo to Tammy.

    • Thanks for the grinding tips. I haven’t tried grinding for the Chemex yet, and given the cleaning routine to switch between espresso and Chemex grind I may just keep letting Jim, Phil and Brian do it. :-)

      I love the process of it, and the quality of the coffee is great. Very similar to “hot” cold press IMHO. And I agree with your sentiment that it is very similar to coffee from a Clover for less than 1% of the price.

      I need a teapot…

  2. I was surprised at how mellow the coffee was for a hot brewed coffee.

    I think I may be sold on the Chemex if I can get myself a decent grinder.

  3. I’m a huge fan of the Chemex. Somewhere – I still have the 1960’s era filters. Huge, non-folded circles. I’m also over-due to replace a Chemex of the same era

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