Farewell Video

Last night was my absolutely amazing farewell party at the Bernard’s house. The gang put together this awesome going away video for me. It’s just great. Thank you so much everyone. Who would have ever thought reading Twitters could be so funny! There is an amazing, completely unexpected and inexplicable cameo at the end. But don’t skip to it! Sit back and enjoy…

[vimeo width="540" height="314"]http://www.vimeo.com/997715[/vimeo]

That is just great. I’m speechless. :-)

8 thoughts on “Farewell Video

  1. The cameo presents yet another reason to move to MN!

    Although I never got into the Twitter kick there are many things that I do now that I credit to time spent learning in the MN office…

  2. April 15, 2030 – Apple iPhone v25 will be out tomorrow. It will be on sale for only 9,999.99. Must sell last 24 iPhones before getting new one. Ugh! But it is so pretty. :)

    (It was a great pleasure working with you.)

  3. Neat Vidio Great Robin I always liked him. Grandpa would of been proud of you. It must of been fun working with all those CHEERY peaple. Love Grandma Rose

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