Family Ski Weekend

Earlier this month we went “up north” and spent the weekend at Giant’s Ridge with our friends the Tangen’s. A fun time was had by all but Tammy was the only one that really knew how to ski. Kent and I did a morning in ski lessons and then worked up the courage to go down the real hills. The kids had a great time going down the bunny hill and back up on the “magic carpet”. The whole weekend felt a bit retro, and that was the inspiration for the video I put together.

[vimeo width="675" height="380"][/vimeo]

5 thoughts on “Family Ski Weekend

  1. Jamie, good for you to learn how to ski. I agree it looks like Mazie is a natural. I hadn’t skied for 10+ years until I went up to Keystone last weekend. I still remember how to ski and forgot how much fun it was. Glad you had a good time. Now I just need to learn how to snowboard.

  2. looks like a very fun weekend! the video was great to watch so must have been only a piece of all the good memories made! of course, Mazie rules!

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