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Cool Kubb Bumper Sticker

The Kubb Fever continues. This vinyl sticker is really well done and looks perfect on the Mini. This sticker is sold by Des Moines Kubb.


  1. That black really does look good on your car. Glad you like it. I’m actually the one that cuts those stickers. My hope is to bring a bunch to nationals and other midwest tourneys this summer in a varity of colors.

    • Tony — you do a stellar job of cutting those out! It looks like it was made especially for my car. It helps that it’s a yellow/black car and the Mini’s already have laminate on them for the racing stripes and such.

      A minor suggestion would be to include some info on application. I applied it and immediately took the top layer off too. Afterwards I was wondering if I was supposed to let it cure a bit before removing the top layer.

      It really does look great!

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