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Cold Press Coffee

I had a great coffee moment today that I just have to share. It’s worthy of sharing because there is information here that is new to me, and it highlights why small, local coffee shops are great.

I have two “coffee moments” each day. The first one is at home with my DeLonghi Espresso machine that I’m still loving. Two shots easily obtained with the press of a button. Just great. The second one is in the afternoon with a quick walk to One on One and get some afternoon espresso.

It’s summer now, or at least summer enough, and I’ve now switched to iced drinks in the afternoon. My typical drink is iced espresso. It used to be a triple shot over ice, but I’ve brought it down to a double shot over ice to reduce the shakes later in the evening (too much caffeine!).


I like my iced espresso, but it’s not very much liquid and just disappears too fast for me. So, I presented my problem to our favorite barista.

me: So, I want an iced drink — but there just isn’t much liquid in iced espresso. What do I do?
barista: Well, you could add water to the espresso.
me: That sounds horrible.
barista: Or how about iced coffee?
me: Brew sucks.
barista: Hmm… how about a cold press?
me: Huh? What in the world is a cold press?
barista: It’s great. We take a pound of beans and cold brew it with 80 ounces of water for 12 hours…

The conversation about cold press continued for quite a while. I got one, and it was perfect! The cold press is never heated, and slow brewed for 12 hours and then pressed through a cloth filter. It’s incredibly smooth and wonderful. I’ve got a new favorite drink!

Your not going to find something like this at most coffee shops. And your also not going to find such a helpful person with their headset on punching your order through their assembly line. What a great discovery. Try a cold press the next time you can. If you like serious coffee on the colder side, you’ll love it.


  1. Holy crap! I have a gadget that you don’t?

    Buy one of these. I got Ann one a few years ago and it’s made us very happy in the summer.

  2. Hats off to the barista of excellence who provided what must be a rare solution sale for coffee.

    Cold press sounds OK…maybe I’ll try it one day. I don’t want to rush into anything.

  3. I just googled cold press because I wanted to know what I just ordered
    that tastes like leftover chilled expired coffee, combined with rotten socks. And it is not wonderful nor This drink is not wonderful, nor is it incredibly smooth. That guy has
    no taste buds! Serve people this drink if they have wronged you in some
    way, or if you are just plain evil. BLECH!

  4. I was reading a post in NYT today.

    I thought it was interesting because the experience was similar.

    Jamie where did you go to get this cold pressed coffee, I would like to try it.

    • Abnita, thanks for the link to the NYT article — nice read.

      One on One serves cold brew just a block from the office. And, I’ve seen it at Caribou Coffee as well.

      • Dunn Brothers generally has it as well. Unfortunately, because it takes so long to brew, they sometimes run out. Mine will be ready in two hours.

  5. i am euphoric as well at present. i just discovered cold pressed this morning at dunn bros in excelsior… i was at one on one last night…. i googled “cold pressed coffee” this morning and am proud to see that it results in the mention of one on one bikes…. all google searches should somehow tie in to one on one. that place is solid!

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