Chase's "Procedure"

20071224-121739-3608Tomorrow Chase will have been living with us for one month and a week. It seems like so much longer than that. He has a big day. Not a good day, but a big day. He’s old enough now to get neutered.

I realize it’s the right thing to do, and being a good dog owner means getting your animals “fixed”. Izzy was spayed before we got her so we weren’t around for it with her. Chase had to wait until he was old enough, and now he is.

I realize it’s totally a “guy thing”, but man it makes me uncomfortable.

2 thoughts on “Chase's "Procedure"

  1. I know the “uncomfortable” feeling that you mention. My dog “Henry” had to face the same ordeal last year. Like all things, technology improved the procedure. Other than the sedatives slowing him down, it went very well. Of course, if Henry could type, you would most likely get a very different story :-).

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