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Celebrity Spotting: Al Franken

Okay, so maybe this is the Minnesota version of a celebrity spotting. It’s not Madonna, or Bono, or any other single-named person (really, how pompous do you have to be to only have one name?).

Today when Tammy, Mazie and I were going into the Galleria for some shopping, we were passing in front of the entrance of Barnes & Noble and there is Al Franken getting out of a black Lincoln towncar. Apparently he was in town for a book signing event so a lot of people had this “Celebrity Spotting”.

Anyway, we didn’t gawk or anything. Didn’t want to make Al feel awkward. :-)


  1. Al Franken is from Saint Louis Park. Blake graduate 20 years before me. (shameless plug) Probably just on his way to my friends Mens shop in the Galleria called Twill.

  2. Franken seems to be a busy man this week in Minnesota. He has been broadcasting his Air America show this week from different parts of the state. He also mentioned he was showing his staffers around in hopes of relocating the show to MN.

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