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Iceland Trip Video

I had a great time in Iceland recently with friends Steve, Dennys and Layne. Dennys made this very cool video from our trip. He brought his whole video rig along and did some great work. I really like how he cut in the driving segments and gave this a real “road trip” feel (we did drive 1,200 miles after all!). This will be a wonderful way to remember the trip. A recap blog post on the trip is in the works for this weekend.

Multi Ping Pong

We had a Ping Pong Tournament at this years Olson Family weekend. I took video of a bunch of the matches and didn’t know what to do with it. So I took my new copy of Final Cut Pro X and put nine of them in one video.

It would be really cool if someone mashed this up with some other stuff.

Forks over Knives

This looks like a great documentary. I’ve read the book, The China Study, and it makes a strong case.

I and Love and You

Simply great songs from the The Avett Brothers, I and Love and You.

Moby's Studio

This is really cool.

Mother of All Funk Chords

I rarely send out YouTube video links, but this remix is pretty darn cool. Nice.


This video is from C-Lazy-U, the dude ranch we stayed at this last summer with the Tangen’s. It is really well done. I also did a video of the horse run. Their video of the Shodeo is a lot better than the intrepid horsemanship (Tammy and Bill) we had on our week. ;-)

I’ve been a Kiva user for over a year now and have done several micro-loans with it. This is a really cool video that shows the personal side of Kiva and how such micro-loans can really impact peoples lives. Check out my lender page. I owe a thanks to Aaron Oliver for introducing me to Kiva with a gift, to regift through a loan.

This is one of the best Onion clips ever. :-)

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