Saugatuck Dune Ride

Us at the top of one of the higher dunes at the midpoint of the Saugatuck Dune Rides tour. The dune ride was a lot of fun, if your in the area put it on your list. Kids had a blast too. You can see Lake Michigan from the top of this dune, and the driver gave a great overview of how the dunes were formed. Interesting note, all the trees around us are actually six individual trees that have been covered in over 100 feet of sand!

Saugatuck Dune Rides

Saugatuck Brewing Sampler

More opportunities to try local beers at Saugatuck Brewing. I picked a bunch of hoppy brews. The serving method was a little odd, if you had a table with 4 of these it would be a bit unwieldy. Overall great beer but one stood well above for me.

Saugatuck Brewing Sampler

  1. Pathfinder Pale Ale
    Light, refreshing. Good hops. Straightforward, solid beer.
  2. Motueka’s Revenge
    Good full body. Reminded me of Surly Furious, but less power on the hops. Like a 50% strength Furious.
  3. Fortunate Events IPA
    Bitter. Lots of bite. Not overly fruity.
  4. Not Messing Around Double IPA
    Holy cow! Oak! Bourbon! Very strong. Like drinking Jack Daniels. Not my thing, but I’m sure folks that like this would like it a lot.
  5. Singapore IPA
    Bitter. Not much body.
  6. Continuum IPA
    Delicious and packed with hops. Definitely my favorite of the group.

Unfortunately their website is completely down right now, and seems like it has been for a while, so no links for these beers.

New Holland Brewing Sampler

While in Saugatuck we went to Holland a couple of times, it’s just 10 miles or so up the road. We had dinner at New Holland Brewing and I got to do another beer flight. I skipped the Dragon’s Milk since I’ve had it and can get it easily enough at home.


The numbers start at the bottom (6 o’clock is 1) and go clockwise:

  1. Monkey King Saison Farmhouse Ale
  2. Imperial Hatter IPA
  3. White Hatter Belgian-Style White Pale Ale
  4. Mad Hatter IPA
  5. Beerhive Tripel
  6. Paleooza Michigan Pale Ale

I would happily have a full pint of any of them, they were all very good.

Saugatuck Beaches

I had no idea that there were beaches like this in Michigan! We’ve been having a great time in the Saugatuck area, and nearly every day we’ve had some relaxing and fun time in the sand and water as well.

These are all panorama shots, ignore the stretching of the shoreline.

Saugatuck Beach 1

Saugatuck Beach 2

Saugatuck Beach 3

Iceland Trip Video

I had a great time in Iceland recently with friends Steve, Dennys and Layne. Dennys made this very cool video from our trip. He brought his whole video rig along and did some great work. I really like how he cut in the driving segments and gave this a real “road trip” feel (we did drive 1,200 miles after all!). This will be a wonderful way to remember the trip. A recap blog post on the trip is in the works for this weekend.