A couple of months ago I started to notice that there were a lot of professional cyclists that were getting on Twitter. Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstrong) was really active, as were a couple of dozen other riders. I was interested in what they had to say, but I also didn’t want to have thirty or more new feeds in my Twitter stream. So, I decided to just subscribe to the RSS feeds of these riders and put them in Google Reader.

As I read these feeds I started to see some really cool trends. When the early spring classics were happening you could get a sense from other riders on how they thought the races went down. You could see a first person view into what was going on in the peloton.

It hit me that there was something interesting here and that if these Twitter streams were put together with the right display as well as some additional metadata it could be a really interesting way to experience the sport from a never before seen perspective. The idea of VeloTweets was born!
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