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2015 MN Air Spectacular

We went to the 2015 Minnesota Air Spectacular today in Mankato and had a great time watching 5 hours of air performances. It was a little hot and we were in the sun the whole time but it was still awesome. Here are some of my pictures from the day.

Silhouette on Superior

Layne Kennedy’s Light Over Iceland

Photographer and friend Layne Kennedy just put together this great book combining a ton of images he’s taken in Iceland over the years, many of them were on the trip that I took with Layne, Steve LeVahn and Dennys Bisogno. His photos are amazing! This book is a great walk through that wonderful place.

I got special thanks on page 83 for the green laser I brought over with me. You can see my Iceland photos on my photography site.

Don’t Ruin the Past with Reality

I really enjoyed this article and photo for The 40-Year-Old Photo That Gives Us A Reason To Smile. Great story behind the photo, and it’s a wonderful photo itself of these five kids just smiling and being kids.

The slice of life he caught that day was a picture of five young friends in a rain-washed alley in downtown Mount Clemens. And what distinguishes it are its subjects: three black children, two white ones, giggling in each others’ arms.

Great story, great image. Photography does this, it stops time. It allows us to reflect and see things from a different perspective. Then, towards the end of the article is this:

Between Facebook and the newspaper, he has solid leads on where the children are today.

Leave it to us to screw up something that’s been great for 40 years. How about we don’t find these children today. How about we just leave that moment 40 years ago as it was, and reflect on it for what it is then and now. How about we not do the followup 5 articles on each one of these kids and how their life has turned out. It isn’t relevant nor does it add any value to the image.

Let it be, it’s better that way.

Pictures from 2013 US Nationals Kubb Championship

I didn’t get much time to take photos at the 2013 US Nationals Kubb Championship. Saturday was a day focused my team the Kubbchucks progressing through the bracket, and hoping that our club, Minnesota Kubb, did really well. Sunday I was mostly focused on scoring games for Planet Kubb and running the final parts of the Planet Kubb Club Championship. I did get my camera out for about an hour and get some shots in, but only from Sunday.

Pictures from 2012 Dallas Oktoberfest Kubb Tournament

The Kubbchucks played at the 2012 Dallas Oktoberfest Kubb Tournament on Saturday. In between games I took out the camera.

Waiting for the Rain

We tried waiting out the rain yesterday to shoot the Vatnajökull glacier.

The rain won.

Packed for Iceland Photography Trip

I finished packing my kit to head to Iceland for a week of photography tonight. Here is what I decided to put in my camera backpack:

  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Canon 24-70 f2.8/L
  • Canon 70-200 f2.8/L
  • Canon 16-35 f2.8/L
  • Canon 15mm Fisheye
  • Canon 2X Extender
  • Canon Timer Remote Control
  • Compact Flash Cards (Two 32G, One 16G and One 8G)
  • Rode video mic
  • Zoom H2 Field Recorder
  • Green Laser for night photo effects
  • FireWire CF Reader
  • Lens Baby
  • Storm Jacket for Camera
  • Neutral Density filters
  • Gradient Neutral Density filters (2, 4 and 8 stops)
  • Canon Battery Charger and 4 batteries
  • Two 500G WD Passport drives for backing up during trip
  • Headlamp
  • Tripod

Photos from 2012 US National Kubb Championship

This last weekend the Kubbchucks, our Kubb team, traveled to Eau Claire for the US National Kubb Championship. It was an awesome time. Here are some pictures I took from the weekend.

Website for my Photography

I’ve got a new website where I am highlighting my photography, Thingelstad Photography!

My photography hobby has grown over time and I wanted a place where I could share some of my favorite shots. I found that my main blog was a place for writing mostly and didn’t highlight images really well. My new photography site is also built with WordPress but uses the excellent AutoFocus 2.0 Pro theme by Allan Cole. I really like how this theme puts the image front and center.

My plan with this site is to post an image a week, or more. The photos are not always current, I go back in my Lightroom archive as I wish for images. Sometimes revisiting a shot from a few years ago with fresh eyes is even more rewarding for me.

I invite you to check it out and feel free to leave some comments if the image moves you. You can also subscribe to get notified of updates.

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