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Tammy and I went to see Whiplash last night at the renovated Uptown Theater 1. Really good film about the ridiculous effort that must be put in to be great at something, in this case music.  In addition to the storyline your treated to wonderful music and some stunning drumming on screen. Purchased the soundtrack on the way out of the theater.

  1.  The couch seating is unique, comfortable and nice, but could use more leg room.

New Standards for Mazie’s Birthday

This year The New Standards did one of their great shows at The Dakota right on Mazie’s birthday! At first we figured we would just not go see them, but we asked Mazie if she would want to go out for a grown-up night and she was all for it! We got one of the great U-shaped tables along the edge and Mazie got to sit right in the middle and enjoy a Shirley Temple and cheeseburger while listening to great music.


I sent an email to the band letting them know a 9 year old was celebrating her birthday with them and Chan gave a nice call out to her. It was a super fun evening.

New Standards at The Dakota

We returned to The Dakota last night after seeing Robyn Hitchcock the night before for The New Standards.

We’ve seen The New Standards play at the Dakota at least six times before, and every time it’s a treat. Last night we got to enjoy the show with our friends Kent and Marilee celebrating Kent’s birthday! That only made it even better. It was also great to hear that the new album is on the way, and by the sound of it the recording was done and it should be coming relatively soon. They seemed to be really on, playing extra well together and having a lot of fun. It was a great show. You really shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them, especially at The Dakota.

Robyn Hitchcock at The Dakota

On Friday night we went to The Dakota to see Robyn Hitchcock. Tammy enjoyed his music a lot in high school and college. I knew of him, but didn’t know his music well. We ended up getting there at 6:40p and realizing the show started at 8:00p so we had plenty of time for dinner and drinks.

Richard Lloyd

Richard Lloyd opened up with a few songs on the guitar. I don’t know his work at all and it seemed like the kind of thing that you liked if you knew him and knew his music, but we didn’t and neither of us were very thrilled with it.

Robyn Hitchcock

Robyn Hitchcock was very good. He was funny in a completely nonsensical way. He went off on these stories that you had no idea where they were going. It was a fun show and he was a very good performer. Neither of us knew the songs very well, but that didn’t dampen the enjoyment at all.

Girlyman at 7th Street Entry

Last night we had the pleasure of seeing Girlyman play at the 7th Street Entry, part of historic First Avenue! My friend Jim noticed they were coming into town and Jim, Tammy and I got tickets right away. We all know about Girlyman from our dear friend Hadar in New York. In November of last year, Hadar and Lois saw Girlyman for the 21st time. Hadar and Lois are huge fans and sent us a two of their albums, Joyful Sign and Everything’s Easy,  to listen to a couple of years ago. We all headed to “the Entry” for the Girlyman experience in person!

The Opener

Edie Carey opened for Girlyman, but I wouldn’t really describe it as an opener since Girlyman backed her the entire set. There was a bit of confusion on the start time of the show. We thought it was 7pm doors with the opener coming on sometime after that. Then Jim got an email saying that the show was starting at 6:30pm sharp. A final check of the 7th Street Entry Web site gave a 6pm start. After getting the babysitter set and driving we didn’t get there until a bit after 6:30pm and Edie’s set was half over. She has a great voice and I enjoyed her music. She did a stellar cover of “Falling Slowly” from the Once soundtrack.

Here is Edie on stage with Girlyman backing her.

I’m not exactly sure why she had her setlist duplicated.

Time for a quick set change and then Girlyman to take the stage.


Before Girlyman came on stage I took a moment to admire the variety of plucked string instruments at the ready.

Girlyman started the set with “See To See” and it was clear that a lot of people in the Entry were in love with their music and them and were so happy they were in town. One odd thing for me was a group of about 12 or so people that sat on the floor for the whole show. After years of seeing hardcore bands at the Entry and imagining the gallons of spilled beer over time it was a little out of place, but it seemed to fit the Girlyman vibe just fine. Hadar said it well in his most recent write-up of one of their shows:

The show last night was magical, as most Girlyman shows are. Everything flowed, musically and comically.


We’ve never seen the band but even reading a sampling of Hadar’s blog posts about Girlyman made me kind of feel like we knew them. They were fun to see and it was nice to hear them live. Their music does resonate better live, even though the recordings are impeccable. Tammy nabbed the set list and we even got it autographed!

The “REQUEST” slot was filled by Jim who hollered out for “St. Peter’s Bones“.


I don’t know that Girlyman has a “frontman” (or “front woman”). After seeing them I would say no but before seeing them I always figured that Ty was that. Ty, Dorris and Nate all sing and have great voices but Ty’s voice hits me the best. She’s got a range that I love and I could listen to her sing about anything and enjoy it. She also strikes me as kind of a goofy chick.


Dorris shared the very scary story of her recent diagnosis of leukemia. She didn’t mention the specific diagnosis she received but just 10 years ago it was not very treatable, and now it’s much more manageable. After chemo and a blood transfusion the leukemia is in full remission. The song “Supernova” was written by Nate and Dorris said this song really took her through the procedure and meant zoo much too her. She also went through a very difficult bout with depression that she has just come through.


Nate was really cool and Tammy got to talk with Nate after the show when they were signing autographs. We shared that we knew Hadar and Lois and we instantly had a connection! Nate seemed like someone that you would have over for dinner and just keep the wine going and the belly laughs would be nonstop. Super fun guy with a great sense of humor. He lead a “battery song” while Ty was swapping out batteries in something and it was a riot. Dorris interjected “harpoon” halfway through the “battery” song and it just got better. One of those things you have to be there for I expect.


I dont’ have much of any pictures of JJ and she didn’t say anything in the show, so not much to share. :-)

The show was finished off with an encore performance of “Stayin’ Alive” (related video) by the Bee Gees that was, well, kick ass.


Girlyman was selling their newest album, Supernova at the show. I tend to by nearly all my music in digital format with a notable exception for buying music direct from bands at their shows. It’s an important way to support artists and that’s one of the few venues where the artists get a good chunk of the proceeds. Plus, as a huge bonus they all signed the album.

Here they are signing the albums. Girlyman’s Wikipedia page was behind so I added this album to their Discography there.

We even got a photo with the group to send with Love back to Hadar and Lois!

Thank you Hadar & Lois for introducing us all to Girlyman!

Good Commies Hi-Res Cover Art

Four of my friends from the B-Squad Softball team are in a band called the Good Commies. I was finally able to add some of these wonderful tracks to my iTunes collection. I insist on high resolution cover art so I fired up the scanner. Here are the files for anyone else who is looking for them. I couldn’t find anything other than thumbnails online.

U2 360° FanCam

At the U2 360° show they had this “gigapixel” Fan Cam thingy. It would be interesting to know a bit more about how it worked. It captures the whole crowd with a pretty high degree of detail.

It caught me and Tammy. I look pretty dorky, munching on some popcorn before U2 came on stage.

U2 360° Alien Stage

This could be straight out of War of the Worlds!

Black Keys at Roy Wilkins

On Sunday night Tammy and I went to see The Black Keys at Roy Wilkins Auditorium. I only recently discovered the Black Keys. I heard they were coming to town and they seemed like a great band to see live so we made a point to go. The show was really good. The Black Keys play a really good live show. I had fun taking some photos with my iPhone while we were there.

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Foo Fighters in Council Bluffs

It has been a day since the Foo Fighters show and my ears are still ringing. This had to be one of the loudest shows I’ve been to, and it was great.

Let me start with the bad news. Kent and I had talked about going to this show specifically because Motörhead was opening for the Foo Fighters. Yeah, we wanted to see the Foo Fighters but we also really wanted to see Lemmy and the gang. Kent put it all together and added a couple of other guys to our gang to head down to the show. Sadly, when we got to the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs there was a sign on the door saying that due to travel problems Motörhead would not be performing. Ugh!

The silver lining though was the 2nd line that said the Foo Fighters would play for 2.5 hours! When Grohl was on stage he said

We’ve got 16 years and a hundred ******* songs. How many of those do you think we can play tonight?

They played all the best of them! I grabbed a couple of video snapshots from the show to give a sense of what it was like. Did I mention it was loud?

I had seen the Foo Fighters play on the Skin & Bones tour. That was nothing like this one. This was a hard, I might even say metal, show. Grohl and the Foos put on an amazing show.

The stage set was pretty cool. They had these 6 “video orbs” on cables that moved around and showed a variety of effects. The stage itself had video projected from underneath on the floor which I still can’t figure out how they did.

There was also a small stage on a platform that lifted about 15 feet in the air toward the back of the main floor. Grohl made a few trips out there and did the solo acoustic songs in the encore on that stage.

I just love this picture that makes the stage look like it’s exploding in light.

If you dig the Foo Fighters, go check out this tour.

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