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Dego Melt


Chomp indeed.

Scape Goat Beer

Man Versus Huge Book

My book club picked a huge book this time. 754 pages to go!

Please Rate Me

Annoying behavior to game the ratings in the AppStore.

Architect Writing

Why do most architects write like this?

No Yojimbo Apps

This makes me sad.

$899 iPhone App


Bent Nail IPA

My brother-in-law Denny gave me a bottle of this Bent Nail IPA from Red Lodge Ales in Montana. They were just out there and enjoyed the brew. It was a nice bottle of beer and notably hoppy, true to its IPA calling. Nicely done!

Lift Bridge Beer

I’ve heard really good things about Lift Bridge beers and I finally got to try a couple. The rumors were true. Definitely seek out this local brew.

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