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SPS Kubb Class

Garrick and I joined forces and auctioned off a Kubb Class at the annual SPS Charity Auction this year. The sales engineering team won the event and we got 12 of them together this past week for a tournament level Kubb class. It was an awesome time with a ton of great questions on the game and a jump-start into Kubb strategy and technique.

SPS Kubb Event 2

Me giving a little demonstration on drilling techniques.

SPS Kubb Event 3

We broke into four teams of three and got to going on two pitches with individual instruction and pro tips!

SPS Kubb Event 4

Jake Freeberg also joined us for the event. The teams has a great time throwing wood and learning the strategy of Kubb.

SPS Kubb Event 1

Everyone got a Planet Kubb shirt!

WikiApiary Stickers

StickerMule had a great deal a couple of weeks ago so I had these fun WikiApiary clear vinyl stickers made. They really came out great!

If you want one for your laptop or whatever send me a note and I’ll put one in the mail.

Planet Kubb T-Shirts

Do yourself a favor and get one of these awesome new Planet Kubb t-shirts!

Kubb at Lake Harriet

Most of the time when I see people playing Kubb around Minneapolis they are folks I know from Minnesota Kubb. It was fun today to stop on a bike ride around Lake Harriet and right by the bandshell were 6 women having a nice game of Kubb. They were playing with a Bex set, the pitch was a bit small and they were doing that weird thing where you stack field kubbs on top of each other. But, they were having a blast throwing wood!

Pictures from 2013 US Nationals Kubb Championship

I didn’t get much time to take photos at the 2013 US Nationals Kubb Championship. Saturday was a day focused my team the Kubbchucks progressing through the bracket, and hoping that our club, Minnesota Kubb, did really well. Sunday I was mostly focused on scoring games for Planet Kubb and running the final parts of the Planet Kubb Club Championship. I did get my camera out for about an hour and get some shots in, but only from Sunday.

2013 Minnesota Kubb Tournament Photos

Photos from the 2013 Minnesota Kubb Tournament!

“That regulation?”

A Kubb comic… and my first comic attempt ever.

Five years ago today Road Sign…

Five years ago today Road Sign Math launched. Someday I’ll get to rebuild it.

New Video Stingers (v2)

A little over a year ago I created a handful of stingers to use on video content that I create. The stinger serves a bunch of purposes. On the practical side it gives the movie player and data stream to get going. I often notice that in the first couple of seconds of video there are some breaks and with a stinger that happens before the content starts. Also, you can name your site and show what license terms apply to it (the later is something I forgot to do in my first stingers).

I decided to redo them and improved a number of things:

  • Made the stingers 5 seconds long. The first ones were 7 seconds and just a little too long.
  • I added the Creative Commons license information that I apply to my videos so it is clear what terms apply to reuse of the video.
  • My first stingers weren’t as high-resolution and didn’t look as good in HD.
  • I made sure the aspect ratio defaulted to widescreen.

Several of my friends asked me how I create my stingers. It is really easy actually. I use Keynote to make the stinger itself, using transition effects that are on a timer. I then export the presentation to a Quicktime movie. I import the Quicktime movie of the transitions into iMovie and do trimming as well as adding audio. I then export them out of iMovie and re-import the completed stingers into iMovie to use in other videos. It sounds more complicated than it is. If you would like to use my Keynote file to start with go ahead and download Video Stingers v2.1.key.

For fun, here are the five new stingers.

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Where are the best photography spots in Minneapolis?

I would really like to get out and do some fun shooting but would love to find some new spots that have a lot of interesting stuff going on. The Stone Arch bridge is obvious, something a little less obvious. I was thinking that the Midtown Global Market would be a fun place, but it’s inside and fairly dark. Would need a really fast lens, but could get some cool shots.

Anyone want to share some favorite places for photography? If your interested in a photowalk, let me know!

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