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S’mores Selfie (Oct 2015)

Family (Sept 2015)

Having fun at the Renaissance Festival!

First day of Kindergarten

Tyler finished his first day of kindergarten! He, Tammy and I all made it through just fine. He had a great day and got lucky to have a ton of his friends in his class. Feels a little weird having both kids in school now.

MN United v. NY Cosmos

Panorama at National Sports Center of MN United game.

Panorama at National Sports Center of MN United game.

Tyler & Dad on Dock

New Dock Put In

We put a new dock in at the cabin. Love it.

Kubb at the Cabin

Tammy and I played our inaugural game of Kubb at our cabin. Seemed appropriate to do so with an official USA Kubb set!

Lego Firetruck

Modern Legos seem so very different than the generic shapes I remember when I was a kid. Did Legos take over the plastic model scene from my childhood? These pieces are so specific to each solution. Very proprietary, in software terms. :-)


I got Blokus (Amazon) for Christmas in the brother-in-law swap on the Olson side (thanks Max!). It’s a really fun game. Ultimately best suited for 4 players with a graceful way to play with 2 players. 3 players works but its not a great fit. The strategy of the game is to block other opponents off as they try to lay tiles down on the board. While Go players would probably cringe at the comparison it seems loosely related.

One Smoothie, Two Straws

I finally got Tyler to try a fruit smoothie and he decided he liked it.

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