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For Those About To Rock

Tyler with one of his favorite bands t-shirts.

2014 Olson Family Weekend

This years Annual Olson Family Weekend was planned by Don & Kaye and the extended family had a great time at Grand View Lodge!

Olson Grandkids

Don & Kaye and the six grandkids. (Left to right: Tyler, Mazie, Lucas, Elsa, Nora, Levi)

Magic Pines

After years of talking about getting a cabin we have finally made the big leap! Tammy has been looking at cabins for a while now and we found one that really fits what we were looking for. It’s close to home (45 minutes from our house!) has a great, warm feel and is on a good sized lake with just over an acre of land. Great spots to play outside, setup a Kubb pitch, hang a hammock and have a fire pit along with a dock to get on the lake. It already has a name, Magic Pines.

We close in January and are excited for fun weekends away. This is completely new territory for us. It’s going to be a fun adventure!

Post-Halloween Breakfast

Family Selfie

Classic Football

The kids are having a hard time considering this a game. I remember loving this the year I got it for Christmas!

Tyler’s First Fish

Tyler caught his very first fish this weekend with the help of Grandpa Don! He was so proud and excited. He even threw it back in all on his own.

Fall Poem

Mazie had a homework assignment for fall poetry that involved having your parents write a poem and copying it in her notebook. Here is my poem.

The leaves had all gone
from the trees.

In the air
there was a gentle breeze.

My nose could smell
the freshness in the air.

The air is chilly
and the weather is fair.

The days are getting shorter
the harvest moon is tall.

This is my favorite season
I love the fall.


For years Mazie has been using this word that she made up. She decided that it meant “everything”. Quite specifically, everything. Any question she asked, if you answered with “shingadooties” it would be right. This wonderful word has no representation on the Internet so Mazie and I decided to fix that by defining it here. So a shingadooties this shingadooties post about shingadooties.


Jamie & Mazie




Mazie made it up.

  1. Every verb possible.
    I shingadooties all the way to school.
    The dog shingadooties around the backyard.
  1. Every noun possible.
    One time I got shingadooties for my birthday and it was awesome.
    I love my shingadooties!


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