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MinneBar 6 Photos

Yesterday was an absolutely great MinneBar event. I lugged the big camera around to get some shots. I didn’t get that many because I presented for the first three sessions. I got some good shots from the kick-off and a handful of others.

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MinneBar 6 Opening

I got the privilege of kicking off and introducing Ben and Luke this morning at MinneBar 6. I snapped a quick panorama of the crowd. About 1,000 people!

What a great event!

New Standards Pano at Lantern Festival Gala

Here is a shot of the scene while the New Standards performed at the Lantern Festival.

This was taken with You Gotta See This! on my iPhone 4.

New Standards at Lantern Festival Gala

One of our favorite bands, The New Standards, announced they were playing at the Lantern Festival Gala for Yinghua Academy.

Yinghua is a Chinese immersion school in Minneapolis and we have a few friends that send their kids to the school. We’ve heard nothing but good things. Tammy picked up tickets so we could support a good school and get to see a relatively small and intimate performance by The New Standards.

It was a really good show.

Me at Minnedemo

My buddy Ira grabbed a photo of me with my spiffy MacBook Air at Minnedemo January 2011.

Minnedemo (Jan 2011) Starting

View from the balcony of Minnedemo January 2011!

US v. Ghana at Riverview Theater

Today my brother-in-law Hector and I went to the Riverview Theater to check out the US v. Ghana game in the World Cup. I was excited to watch the game and hopeful that the US would get past the round of 16 for the first time. Luckily Hector got there 30 minutes early or we would have been out of the luck. The place was packed.

It’s hard to see the people but there wasn’t an empty seat in the place. People were really into the game. After Ghana took an early lead the room was filled with energy when Donovan took his penalty kick and scored to tie the game. I grabbed 30 seconds of the screaming and yelling at that kick.

The game was on another continent, but at that moment, and many other moments, it felt like we were only a bit off the pitch. What a great game, even though we lost.

Tyler Born!

8lb 3oz and 22 inches long!

Minnedemo on May 7th, 2009

The next Minnedemo is now scheduled for May 7, 2009 at 6:00pm. It is free (as always), but registration is required so get signed up. There are 324 open tickets left at this point.

I’m a big fan of Minnedemo and find it a great place to connect with people and hear about some of the products and cool projects everyone is working on. Hope to see you there!

It seems the best way to stay updated on Minnedemo dates and news is via the Minnebar Twitter account.

Next Minnedemo is Feb. 6, 2009

The next Minnedemo is now scheduled for February 6, 2009 at 7:00pm. It is free (as always), but registration is required so go there and get signed up. There are about 260 open tickets left at this point.


Even though it is free that doesn’t mean you can leave your wallet at home. Intermedia Arts is the host for Minnedemo and they have fallen on some difficult times. There will be an opportunity to donate Intermedia Arts (read more about them) and I think the Minnedemo/Minnebar community should show its support with some donations.

I really enjoyed the last Minnedemo (at the same venue). It is a great chance to connect with a great group of local developers, entrepreneurs and a wide variety of other people — each of them very interesting!

Hope to see you there!

Update – January 25th

I didn’t do a good enough job looking through my calendar. It turns out we are going to be heading out of town on the morning on February 6th for a ski weekend up north. I’m going to miss this Minnedemo. Bummer. Hope everyone else has a great time!

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