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2014 TdF Begun

Enjoying stage 2 with my viewing station all setup. Mini Jambox is critical addition.

(I wish I could watch the World Cup this easily without a cable subscription!)

Bike the Border

I helped my Uncle Tim get a new website up and running for Bike the Border, a bike ride in North Dakota that he has started running.  Another case where WordPress was able to deliver a really great CMS. In return, he set me up with this really nice jersey.

He’s going to be in the Twin Cities on July 4th and is going to join us for the Twin Cities Bicycling Club Watermelon Ride. We are going to be sporting our matching jerseys! Thanks Uncle Tim!

Very nice 16 mile ride with Tammy, Michelle and Hector.

Flying Scotsman

Good movie all bout Graeme Obree‘s pursuit of various cycling records.

Why do Cyclists Tweet?

I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from the release of VeloTweets. Thank you everyone for that, and please help spread the word about the site. These projects are about creating something that people love. There is no business behind it. The more people that like it, the more likely we are to make further improvements to it.

There is a secondary question that people have asked about extending something like VeloTweets into other sports. I think it is possible that could work, but I think that cycling has some unique characteristics that make it particularly well suited for Twitter. Through Twitter the peloton can send two really clear messages.

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RAGBRAI 2009 Full Route Announced

The full RAGBRAI route for 2009 was published this week. We are going to be going along the southern half of Iowa.


One of the things my friend Jim, who did RAGBRAI once in his teenage years (and, in his own words, “will not be doing it again”), keeps highlighting for me is that RAGBRAI was in part created to prove that Iowa was not flat. There is a strong desire on the part of states to prove to cyclists they are not flat it seems. Texas Hellweek has a similar motto. There is certainly no lack of climbing in the 2009 RAGBRAI route. This graph shows the mileage and climbing feet for each day.


Looking back on my posts from Texas Hellweek 2001 those routes had about 5,000 feet of climbing every day. It looks like Monday and Tuesday will be some good challenges.

Feet of climbing though has to be gauged with the distance of the leg. A better way to look at it is feet of climbing per mile.


I’d say the route planners were pretty kind. The ride gets more gentle (on average) over the course of the week. Good stuff! Check out the complete route map on the Des Moines Register site for the details.

Registered for RAGBRAI!

I first heard of RAGBRAI several years ago when I was riding like a crazy man doing centuries nearly every weekend. RAGBRAI (pronounced rag-br-eye) is the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. RAGBRAI is a 7-day ride, starting on a Sunday and ending on Saturday from the western edge of Iowa to the eastern edge. The route changes every year, but this year starts in Council Bluffs, IA and ends 442.3 miles later in Burlington, IA. Tammy and I are signed up to take part in RAGBRAI 37!


RAGBRAI is an event unlike no other. It is the largest organized bike ride in the United States. You camp each night in small towns in Iowa. It’s too big to be defined by one thing. Some call it a party on wheels, others like to hammer the miles away. I’m looking forward to finally riding it.

We will have a lot of training to do before July 19th. It is suggested you get 1,000 miles on your bike before you show up. Additionally, I’m going to work harder than I have at dropping weight faster so that I’m carrying less heft across Iowa. I’m sure there will be much to say about this adventure in the future. More to come, and wish us luck! :-)

See also: RAGBRAI Wikipedia Page.

Elizabeth Kreutz
Really good professional photographer that is covering Lance Armstrong’s return to cycling.

It can’t possibly rain for the entire week of RAGBRAI. Right?

— Me

Lance Returns to Racing!

I had read rumors over the last couple of days that Lance Armstrong was going to be returning to racing, but there were rumors only and I figured they were very far fetched. Why would the 7-time Tour de France winner return?

Well, it wasn’t a rumor! He is racing in 2009! Wow!

Lance Returns to Cycling.png

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