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It would be nice if someone could explain daylight savings time to babies.

I’ve started the process of having our name and address removed from all the junk mail that we get. We moved a few months ago and now it seems to be queueing up again. It’s mysterious to me that 8-month old Tyler is getting catalogs.

Depressing Phone Tree

“If you are calling regarding a death claim please press 9, if you are calling regarding a cancer policy please press 5, …”


Why isn’t it common to have a tunnel from your detached garage to the basement of your house?

eBooks are Lighter

After lugging all 740 pages of Team of Rivals from the library on the bus multiple times I finally caved and bought the eBook.

Find My Phone

Used “Find My iPhone” tonight to, find my iPhone. So nice to not have to search and search. Just listen for the sound.





Parenthood on NBC.

Just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round.

Even the typography of the logo is the same. Still, both are decent shows.

Blogging Block

I’ve been looking at my blog and feeling total blockage. Is it the theme? Is it my fingers. I have no idea. Block.

MacBook Hopes

I’d really like a new MacBook Pro to have Core i7 and two eSATA-II ports. I’m planning on going laptop only very soon.

I'm considering one of the LaCie 4Big

I’m considering one of the LaCie 4big Quadra units. Anyone have one of these?

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