Can't I Buy Overpriced Gas In Quiet?

The other morning I pulled into SuperAmerica [link removed] on my way into work to fill up the tank. I got out and started to fill up and was greeted to a marketing experience.

Gas Pump

Yes, that’s right. There is 89 cent coffee inside! Not only was I treated to several marketing experiences they even had sound and audio tracks going with it. It seems I can’t even simply get gas anymore without having something thrown at me. I need to find a new gas station.

5 thoughts on “Can't I Buy Overpriced Gas In Quiet?

  1. I’ve had to change my local gas station pumping habits, too, because they put in those things. Had stupid weather forecasts and other obnoxiousness. What’s really bad about all of it is that it’s the same feed on every pump, but they started up at different times, which means there’s just a cacophony of noise.

    I doubt that we’ll be able to escape it forever, though. Sooner or later, they’ll be standard at every pump…

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