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Canon, let me lock my mode!

I’ve been absolutely loving my new Canon 5D Mark II. It’s a serious camera and having a full-frame sensor means I’m shooting a lot with my Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM lens. Together though, that combination weighs over 5 pounds and I rarely want to put that around my neck. I tend to sling the camera over my shoulder instead which actually works quiet well, with one really big problem.

Canon 5D Mode Dial

The dial pictured above is the mode dial. It is one of the most important controls and pretty much changes everything about the cameras behavior. I tend to shoot mostly in Av mode when I’m out and about. When I sling the camera over my shoulder with the 70-200mm lens I carry it “upside down” so the lens hangs in a natural way. Unfortunately, that means this knob will rest against my side, and as I walk it can move into a different mode!

You then lift the camera and shoot only to realize you are in some crazy mode and the pictures are horrible!

If there was ever a control that could use a small, flip-lock this is it. It needs a safety.


  1. That happen even with our little Canon A620. I don’t have an issue with it as I either look at the dial or notice something isn’t working as I expect and I change it. But my wife can take several pictures with the camera is some bizarre mode and not notice. Some sort of dial lock would be nice. Maybe there is something you can buy that would go around it and lock it in place kind of like those wheel locks they put on people’s cars.

    Another idea would be to change your strap. If you are going to use that bigger lens all the time, why not get a strap that hold the camera in a better location? They have some harnesses that will keep the camera on your chest for easy access but have it lens down so it isn’t too awkward.

    Something to think about.

  2. I could go with a different strap solution. In fact my ThinkTank backpack has the strap attachments so I can keep the camera front and center. I’d do that for hiking trips and photo expeditions. But, for an afternoon in the park with the family I’m not wearing “a harness”. :-)

    Another option would be going with something like the R-Strap which I’ve heard good things about.

  3. The R-Strap looks good. It should keep that mode knob away from your body at least. But wouldn’t guarantee that it wouldn’t get bumped by your arm or something else. A knob lock would be a good solution. Can you take the mode knob off? I would bet that you can’t but it might be worth a look.

  4. Take the knob off of a Canon 5D Mark II?

    You are insane. Wouldn’t even try that. :-)

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