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Canon 12×36 IS II Binoculars

12x36isii_586x225I recently got my after-Christmas Christmas present. What’s that? Well, if I had something on my list and I didn’t happen to get it, I thought I should clean up that list. We don’t want to have things sitting on their forever now right?!

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to get a pair of binoculars. The primary use is for looking at wildlife around our house, and checking out birds. I’m sure that every time I mention bird watching I lose 10% of the audience to this website. Anyway, it is fun. The last use is for astronomical viewing. When out with the telescope, it’s nice to have a pair of binoculars to do some viewing.

The binoc’s you want for birding are completely different than those you want for astronomy, so I compromised with more emphasis on wildlife. I decided to get the Canon 12×36 IS II, mainly for the image stabilization. I got them a few days ago and it is very impressive.

The image stabilization works wonders. I was testing them and I could easily read text on objects far away with the image stabilization engaged. Without it, it was just too jumpy. I also find that I don’t get queezy when looking through them as I often do with binoc’s.

They are small, compact, lightweight, have a great grippy feel. I’m very pleased thus far. They run on a pair of AA batteries.


  1. Jamie, now besides being able to spy on your neighbors with your telescope, you’ve got binocs that can be placed within easy reach.

  2. As someone who has no personal interest in birds at all yet continued to read the entire post, should I feel creepy? Shouldn’t I have been in the 10% of people who thought, "another bird post! Maybe there is something else on the Internet ™ to read"?

    Also, just how many people is 10% of your website traffic? Are you able to monitor the relationships between traffic and your posting subjects? If so, perhaps you should write an article for MarketWatch about this. Or just tell the editors–they could probably use it.

    I’ll hang up and listen to your reply.

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