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Canadian Fishing Trip Intro

I will soon be departing on a Canadian Fishing Adventure. T-minus nine days before I head out with my father-in-law and all my brother-in-laws to Canada for a week of fishing giant fish. Really giant fish. Fish that, if you are not careful, can severely injure you. I’m not an expert fisherman. I’m not even a basic fisherman. I haven’t fished for a decade, and this trip will double the amount of time I’ve fished in probably my entire life. This fills me with some trepidation.

However, I’m also really excited. This isn’t the type of trip I would typically go on so it’s fun to try something completely outside of your typical zone. Plus, fishing is loaded with gear and I’m a gear addict so that is fun. We’ll be departing for our trip and heading into the great unknown with a sun that never sets and more water than land, GPS in hand of course.

figslogopurple.jpgWe’ll be eating a lot of fish. I’m going to pack some extra stuff just in case. I’ve ordered some wacky natural bars to take along called Figamajigs. They are supposedly pretty good, and should be a nice break if desired.

gsp1700_red.jpgWe are going to be totally off the grid. Forget the Internet. Forget phone lines. Forget cellular. There is a little bit of power via a solar panel and a generator that can be started from time to time. Digital cameras and such can be charged, but that’s about it. This will be the longest that I’ll have gone offline for quiet some time. The urge to pick up a satellite phone is strong, but the price point is enough to push that urge aside. Plus I’d probably be stoned if I showed up with some crazy phone.

I’ve got a little bit of additional gear to get or arrive via UPS. We are limited to 80 pounds of gear and I’m probably going to be right up against that with fishing stuff, photography stuff and clothes. I’m going to journal while I’m there and post when I return. I’m looking forward to the northern waters, really huge fish, time with the guys and giant fish stories to lie about when I return.


  1. Judging by the weight limit, it sounds like your trip will be a fly-in. Our yearly trip (which does not include me every year) is a drive to a base camp, then about an hour by boat to an outpost on Lac Seul where we stay for the week:

  2. not only will i steal the organifijigamigs in the dead of night,
    but i will also be competing with techigelstad for title of worst
    fisherman. stay tuned interneto, the video and pics from
    this trip will blow your mind.

  3. Patrick Hambek

    June 6, 2007 at 2:44 pm

    Enjoy your time off the grid. It should be quite refreshing. BTW, I already do not believe any future posting of fish stories. : )

  4. Why isn’t Askimet catching these shameless plugs from Lapoint?

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