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Butter Bakery

Tammy and I checked out a new restaurant this weekend. Butter Bakery is in south Minneapolis and serves a brunch menu as well as traditional baked goods and coffee. We had lunch there on Saturday and the food was so good we returned for breakfast on Sunday.

The bakery items are all great. However, most notable was the pancakes. I have no idea what they do to their pancakes but they are amazing. They are gooey, and incredibly flavorful. Go there, and get some pancakes!

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  1. It’s only a couple of blocks from my house – one of a number of great south Minneapolis breakfast places.

    Butter used to be called Sweetski’s, before they sold it to the Urban Bean people. Quality has dropped slightly (but only slightly) since then.

    If you didn’t try them while you were there, the biscuits and gravy are fantastic, and the Eclairs are the best I’ve ever had.

    Have you tried Hell’s Kitchen yet?

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