Worst CD Ever

92.jpgI recently went through the process of reviewing my rather large CD collection and culling out things that I really don't like. Accidental purchases or things that I just didn't like after trying it. When we were on a roadtrip a number of years ago we decided to pick up a few CD's just to try some things. Only In America, Volume 2 from Arf! Arf! Records was one of those CD's. It seemed like it was just a collection of quirky music. I now think it is perhaps the worst CD ever made. I challenge anyone reading this to try to listen to every track on it from start to finish. An excerpt from the web site promoting it:

Only in America focuses on material that leaves the listener bewildered and in utter disbelief.

Amazingly this is Volume 2. There is a Volume 1 as well that I hope to never hear even a track of.

Update: There is a great post and dialog going on about this album over at JasonHare.com.