Mail Rule for Meeting Notifications

I’m not sure why it took me a couple of decades of email use to come up with this but I've had this mail rule in place for a little over a year and I absolutely love it. This mail rule takes meeting related emails and puts them in a special folder. Very, very simple but super helpful. My workflow for accepting meeting invites is absolutely nothing like my workflow for processing inbound email. Additionally meeting responses I largely select all and delete and will sometimes scan for a "declined" notice. In my mailbox I now have a folder for "Meetings" and then a subfolder in that folder for "Responses". I then create a rule for meeting invites, meeting responses and meeting forwards. In Outlook and Exchange it looks like this:

mail rule - meeting invite mail rule - meeting response mail rule - meeting forward

You'll have to modify based on your mail setup, but I find these incredibly helpful rules to keep mail processing in my Inbox nice and clean, and leave meeting work to a separate workflow focused on that.