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Best Kiss Ever

Mazie is growing up so fast. She’s such an amazing kid. For the last couple of months if I asked she would come over and give me a kiss on the cheek. Well this weekend she decided all on her own she was going to give her dad a kiss! Man was that awesome. I was holding her and she comes around and gives me a smack on the cheek. I’m still beaming!

She’s doing really great. I can tell that she’s trying to learn how to deal with stairs which has her, at times, over-protective dad freaking out. I’m constantly lurching to grab her as she approaches anything resembling a stair. She’s doing a lot better walking along with me — she stays with me well for as long as a block only wandering off a little bit.

She is also starting to talk more and more. She’s figured out “help”. If she gets into a tough spot walking around, or wants something off of a counter, she will ask mom or I for “help”. She’s got “dog” or “cat” down well, including a very convincing “meow”.

She just gets better and better, and being Mazie’s dad is the best job I have. :-)


  1. Hey Jamie
    Your right. Raising your kids will be the most important job you ever have. Later with any luck you will discover that the most fun job you ever have is being a grampa.

  2. Or a grandma. She is sure a lot of fun.

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