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Beautiful Jacks

Homelink Entertainment is doing all the low voltage work in our remodel. One of my goals in the project has been to have cutting edge infrastructure in a 1920’s house. Thanks to the meticulous detail of Ben from Homelink, it is happening. Look at this plate! Labeled Cat 5 runs down to the rack, proper speaker terminations, coax in a separate coax patch field. Awesome.


  1. That looks positively great, but what is RJ-11 doing in cutting edge infrastructure?

    • Brilliant! Yes, the one screwy jack. It’s an intricate story of much intrigue, but that is the sole, odd, non-patchable RJ-11 jack in the whole house. Everything else is a proper RJ-45 ready to role.

      It’s the one jack that proves that it’s not all just fake. :-)

  2. Good deal on the aligned mounting screws. I always go horizontal, but random orientations is just lunacy.

  3. Looks pretty great your really learning a lot in your projects. love Grandma

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