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Baby Monitor in the Hallway

Tammy and I are hanging out in this extremely cool, funky hotel in Portland called McMenamins Kennedy School. It used to be a school, but they converted it to a hotel, restaurant and bar. It’s very cool.

Anyway, Mazie is asleep and the monitor doesn’t quiet reach to us. We have it sitting in the hallway about 30 feet from us where we can see the lights if she started hollering for us.


The funny thing is watching people walk by. People keep looking at it. Picking it up. Listening. Etc. It’s a pretty funny social experiment. It makes me think it would be pretty funny to actually broadcast something over it and put it in the hall. Maybe the original War of the Worlds or an early episode of The Shadow. Hmmm…


  1. We have the same monitor. I swear it’s possessed, or more to the point, my body’s electric signature possesses it. Combine that with a white noise machine in our twins room and every time I move about in certain sections of my house I get eerie white noise coming from the basement.

  2. i think u need to chillout on the social expriments till someone pulls one on you. by the way, really need to get u down to guatemala man – youd love the photography around these ways. I’m building a “bikes in guatemala” photostream/boo/dump etc. Anyway, sounds like your having fun – id like to see some funny pics of u from mazie’s camera.

  3. Oh, McMenamins is awesome! We didn’t stay there, but we spent a very enjoyable evening there with friends. I need to get back to Portland.

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