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B-Squad 2012 Season Underway

Another year of Men’s Recreational E-League Softball has begun. The suspense is heavy this year. The B-Squad is playing well. A win taunts us.


  1. This is total BS. I Hate Hate Hate when people speculate about victory. Victory is a the smell of napalm in Duvall’s olfactory. Can’t we just be happy with showing up? And joining together as sons and daughters of the corn? Lest ye believe that this has anything to do with America or other sports like that, ye will be mistaken for an onlooker on a dark pathway whose notebook has been erased of a thousand years of sketches, poems, and songs. Forget freedom, remember and rejoice in the constraints that bind us in a gravitational assist slingshot to the stars of love, life, peace, and things that are like those.

    • You are right Keeks. Total BS. I plan to show up with gusto this season. :-)

      • Mali-Positrac

        May 18, 2012 at 8:14 am

        There was a moment last week (5-16) where it looked like we were on the verge of victory. Just before the game with not enough men to avoid a forfit vs the godforsaken Nads, which would gone in the W column.
        Though Black arrived and forced our hands, Jamie took the cape for breaking a man’s knee with a tag at third and a two bagger that was gazellian.
        ManCrush +2

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