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Abalastow Compendium

Abalastow-Compendium-Detail.pngMy buddy Dan has issued an SEO challenge to the students in his class. I thought it was pretty cool and could use some spice to see how base PageRank affects search rankings. I’m curious to see where I would fit in, so I put this post out there.

Google, come and get it.

I see the search results already have a hit from That is going to be tough since Google loves .edu and .org so much more than .com, but we’ll see.

No Wikipedia hits for Abalastow Compendium either.

The image at the right is what I imagine an antique Abalastow Compendium to look like.

Update (9/25/08): Proving some theory of the Internet™ or human behavior true some enterprising individuals have actually put a trump card and bought the Abalastow Compendium domain name, both the .com and even the .org version. Nobody grabbed .net it seems.


  1. I hope there won’t be too much pollution in the related blog entries about this wonderful subject of Abalastow Compendium ;-)

  2. Wow two blogs on abalastow-compendium…I see why google likes ‘.edu’ but I’m pretty sure anyone can register a ‘.org’ so it shouldn’t be much more special than ‘.com’

  3. p.s. I take it back…I guess the open source community primarily uses .org for their sites, so I guess it makes some sense

  4. Thanks for the link.
    Mitch Pemberton

  5. Hey Jamie,

    I am one of Dan’s students. I see that your blog has worked its way up pretty high in our class’s Abalastow Compendium SEO contest. Any chance you would consider giving me a boost by adding a link to my blog?

    Abalastow Compendium


  6. Hey Jamie,
    Great talk in our class last week. I told a lot of people that the former CTO of MarketWatch spoke in our class. They were jealous they couldn’t be there.

    Anyway, since you seem to be in the business of posting links, how about one more? If you’ll notice, I am working on getting actual content on my site (more respectable than most empty sites so far) regarding my friends’ job search, so I think I deserve a link!
    Abalastow Compendium

    Thanks again Jamie,

  7. Hey Jamie,
    I’m with Dan S. Very awesome presentation. It was fascinating and it only increases my desire to drop out of school and start my own business ;).

    Of course, I’m in the competition as well. Maybe you can start an Abalastow Compendium index :).

    All the best.

  8. Hey Jamie,
    First I want to thank you for presenting in our MGMT 3010 class. I was impressed with your down to earth, common sense approach to managing the companies in which you were involved.

    For the course abalastow compendium competition I grabbed an edu domain. I am anticipating that an edu domain will trump an org or com domain. We will see if the edu domain adds significant weight to my page rank. If you are willing, please consider adding a link to my Abalastow Compendium site.


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