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Month: September 2012

I had a great time in Iceland recently with friends Steve, Dennys and Layne. Dennys made this very cool video from our trip. He brought his whole video rig along and did some great work. I really like how he cut in the driving segments and gave this a real “road trip” feel (we did drive 1,200 miles after all!). This will be a wonderful way to remember the trip. A recap blog post on the trip is in the works for this weekend.

Tyler’s “Big Boy” Cookie

They were out of the small kids chocolate chip cookies at Yum! tonight. Tyler didn’t seem to mind! I’m pretty sure it was bigger than his head.

And to answer the obvious question? He ate it all, minus a couple of bites he shared with Dad!

Waiting for the Rain

We tried waiting out the rain yesterday to shoot the Vatnajökull glacier.

The rain won.

Backing Up While Traveling

Time to backup all of the Iceland trip photos to two separate 500G portable drives. Not going to lose any of these photos!

Wheels for Iceland

Got a kicking Ford Transit to explore Iceland Euro-style.


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