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Month: June 2012

Happy Fathers Day 2012

My Setup for WWDC on Monday

This was my setup for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote on Monday. It sure would be nice if they just sent out the video live. :-) Meanwhile liveblogs are the best option. I tend to rely on Mac Rumors Live.

Airport BSOD

These just never get old. :-)

Interest in Twin Cities OmniFocus Meet Up?

I’ve been an OmniFocus user since the very first release and use it all day, everyday on my Macs, iPhone and iPad. I’ve found it really useful to read blog posts from other OmniFocus users, and I know there are a number of people in the Twin Cities using OmniFocus.

I’m curious if there is enough interest to garner an OmniFocus meet up? The meet up would be very informal. An opportunity to connect with others using OmniFocus and share stuff that works for us. Project structures, contexts, perspectives and more. Leave a comment here if you would be very interested in attending an event like this.

This made me laugh yesterday. What a great network name!

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