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Month: May 2012

Playing in Creek

We all had fun playing in the creek tonight after dinner.


My Sessions at MinneBar 7

MinneBar 7 was just a little over a month ago and the videos the two sessions I did are now online.

Running a Virtual Server with Confidence

I gave one talk on Running a Virtual Server with Confidence. I got a lot of really good feedback from this session, people found it really useful and adopted a number of the suggestions I made. I didn’t use slides for this, instead I just walked through my build notes and shared that URL.

Every HTTP Status Code

Garrick and I also thought it would be fun to do a talk on Every HTTP Status Code. We made it fun and walked through each one. The slides are also online.

B-Squad 2012 Season Underway

Another year of Men’s Recreational E-League Softball has begun. The suspense is heavy this year. The B-Squad is playing well. A win taunts us.

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