Move to Linode

Please be aware this this blog post was published mulitple years ago. It is very possible that links on this page will not work as intended.

This website (and all the other websites I run) should all be running much faster now. This weekend I flipped everything from my previous VPS at Slicehost to a new instance at Linode. There is a ridiculous amount I could write about the move, and I’ll try to share what I think is most helpful to others. In general I can say that the Linode hosts are a lot faster than the Slicehost instance I had. Doing basic Linux stuff was 2-3 times faster on Linode than on Slicehost.

My new setup is also a lot faster due to how I deployed WordPress and MediaWiki. I’m now running everything on nginx instead of Apache. I’m also serving all my PHP out of php5-cgi instead of mod_php. Perhaps even more importantly I got all of my wiki and blog instances running under one PHP install for MediaWiki and WordPress. As a result, the APC module for PHP can do it’s job right. I’m now getting 99.9% PHP cache hits.

With all that said I fully expect I may have a thing or two not working right now. If you see anything broken a comment or email would be great.

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