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Month: December 2011

Morgan Remodel Final Pictures

For 18 weeks I wrote a weekly update on the progress of our remodel project. At the end the work was really small items, just working through a punch list and we were starting to live in the space. Now that everything is in place and we have been fully using the space for a few weeks I wanted to post a final photo walk through. The whole family is delighted with the addition and the new spaces have dramatically changed how we use our space. It’s been great.

As a comparison before looking at all these pictures, you may want to look at the pictures from the start of the project first. Or visit week 4 when it all looked like a disaster zone.

The back door of the house from the garage hasn’t changed much from the final photos at the end of the project. All the exterior work was done well before winter was (supposed to) arrive.

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I’ve been having a lot of fun working with MediaWiki and particularly the Semantic MediaWiki extensions. A few months ago a friend from when I worked at Dow Jones, Armistral, asked me for some input on how he could build this website he was working on. He wanted to create a site where people could work together to solve problems. Thus WeSolver was born. I strongly recommended that he use MediaWiki and he ran with it. The site is now live and he’s done a nice job setting it all up. Check it out and if your so inspired see what you can do to help with a solution!

I have been fortunate enough to have the privilege of serving on the board of CaringBridge for the last three years. I support CaringBridge both with my time as well as my checkbook. Join me in supporting this great service this holiday season through their Illuminate campaign.

Tyler’s First Stitches

Tyler had his first visit to urgent care tonight. He was running around the house like he normally does and he fell into the kitchen door frame. He got a pretty bad laceration on his forehead. It was about an inch long. It bled a lot for about a minute and then slowed down but kept bleeding. I immediately sent some photos to my good friend and ER doc Mike (thank you Mike!) and decided to head into the urgent care at Fairview Southdale. When the blood slowed down I could see that the skin was completely open.

We got into the urgent care and the Dr. confirmed stitches were needed. Putting stitches in a very active 22 month old is a bit of an adventure. I held him down while he was wrapped up and the nurse held his head. The lidocaine shot surprised him and that started the crying. The Dr. put in two stitches and I was surprised by the amount of blood from the stitches. Tyler let us all know what he thought of it with plenty of screaming. After he got cleaned up he settled down.

We go back in 5-7 days to get the stitches out. I’m hoping Tyler leaves the bandage alone and gets a good nights sleep. The Dr. didn’t think there would be any scaring.

Mazie and Tyler

Couple of cute Instagram photos of Mazie and Tyler from tonight.

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