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Document Versioning in Mac OS X Lion

I’ve recently seen updates to some of the applications that I use regularly supporting the new document versioning feature in Lion. Wow. Time Machine is really nice, but you don’t have to use it that often. Being able to go back in documents is something I think a lot of people will find helpful. The trick will be knowing you can do it. The screen shot below is from OmniGraffle.

Test Post for RSS Feed

I’ve seen this problem for a while now where Google Reader isn’t getting my RSS feed for days, and sometimes weeks at a time. I have a theory for why it is happening and this post is a test for me to see if my fix worked.


Well, my theory seems to be right. At one point in the past I had setup PubSubHubbub for my RSS feed and a while back I uninstalled it. No reason really, just wasn’t sure I really needed it. I think that Google Reader had flagged my RSS feed as one that supports PubSubHubbub and decided that it would not poll it in the future and just wait to get notified. When I reinstalled PubSubHubbub and I posted this it appeared in Google Reader in seconds.

Seems that once you advertise that you support PubSubHubbub you should make sure to continue to support it.

Update 2:

Even the update to this post appeared in Google Reader in seconds. Looks like my RSS feed is back in business.

Tyler's Tractor

Shortly after Tyler was born my Mom got him a pedal tractor. At my Grandparents farm there was always a metal pedal tractor that my cousins and I use to ride all the time. In comparison to new toys, it was ridiculously heavy and hard to get moving. But we had a great time with it. It was a John Deere, just like Grandpa drove.

I’ve kept the tractor in the box since Tyler was just too small, but I decided to put it together today so he can start playing with it. He is still far too small to make it go, but he thought it was pretty cool to sit on!

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Today was the 2011 So Long Summer show! Our neighbors the Miller’s host this every year for five years running now. It’s the last Sunday before school and a ton of kids in the neighborhood do performances. It’s awesome on so many levels.

This year Mazie sang a song from her now favorite movie, Annie. She sang “It’s a Hard Knock” life and knocked it out of the park!

I was so proud of her — great job! The crappy focusing is my poor performance on my camera.

Remodel Update Week 12

We are entering the home stretch on the remodeling project. The work now is no longer about structure and wire. We are dealing with drywall mud, paint and finish work. This week all of the drywall got primer and the ceilings were all painted. The siding on the exterior of the house is being put back together, which is more complicated than it appears. The front of our house is pretty as we are replacing the trim. The trim was pine and was rotting out. Also the railing is being replaced to match the railing on the back. Lastly the temporary wall in our kitchen was removed. It was a bit shocking how large the kitchen felt now that we don’t have that plastic wall up anymore.

This week the tile is going to be installed in the mudroom and more finish work. We are still really excited about the project and can’t wait to start living in the new spaces!

Impromptu Smores

Our neighbors down the street, the Conley’s, hosted an unplanned smores evening last night. Mazie loved staying up to 11:30 pm!

Playhouse for the Kids

Tammy had noted that Mazie and Tyler really like to play in playhouses when we visit people. Our yard is a standard city lot, so we don’t have much space but she figured out a good spot in the yard and a playhouse that would work there.

The playhouse didn’t have a floor so we made a trip to Home Depot and got the stuff to build a simple deck that would sit on the ground with cedar deck boards. Mazie helped me build the platform and Tammy prepared the ground and got the playhouse ready to assemble. It was a fun afternoon of building and assembling and the kids like the end result.

Crouch Without the Ouch

Ballroom Jeans, and that doesn’t mean dancing.

I had no idea this was a problem requiring a specific pair of pants.

Remodel Update Week 11

This week the remodeling was all about drywall mudding and taping. Tape, mud, repeat. Repeat. Repeat some more. We were out of town which was a nice thing. It was fun to see the walls looking so nice and smooth when we got back. It feels like we are entering the home stretch now.

Remodel Update Week 10

I’m posting this weeks update a little early, the progress is so fun to see. The theme for this week is drywall! The framing is gone, and in it’s place is grey drywall everywhere you look. I was amazed that one guy did it all. The result of these huge 54″ by 12 foot sheets of drywall and one guy over two days was impressive. The new space feels like it will when it’s done now. We continue to be really excited for the project!

Next there is buckets and buckets of joint compound.

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