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Month: June 2011 (page 1 of 4)

Cupcake Surprise

We got a pleasant surprise at the office today with the delivery of some delicious cupcakes from Wuollet Bakery.

Dirt Conveyor

If you need to take seven inches of dirt out of a basement floor, it is best to have a cool portable conveyor belt.

You can see this laying on the floor in yesterdays shot of the basement.

Basement Destruction

Today the heavy equipment came inside and made a bunch of noise while tearing out the basement floor.

Concrete Poured

Last week we had a lot of digging in the remodel project. It was exciting to come home today to concrete forms poured and the new egress window openings in place as well as the foundation for the mudroom. It’s great to see the forms in place!

Cars 2 in 3D

Mazie and I went and saw Cars 2 this weekend. We splurged and saw it in 3D! It was a ton of fun with a Daddy-Daughter movie and some Gummy Bears.

Mazie was excited to wear her special glasses!

I really like Cars. It is probably my favorite kids movie. I liked Cars 2. It was a lot of fun. It wasn’t as good as Cars, but that is a really high bar.

AT&T: Stop Reminding Me You're Expensive

Okay, these monthly text messages from AT&T drive me crazy.

Let me inventory all the ways these are annoying:

  • They seem to come at the worse times. I was having a busy day at work and got this interruption. Thought it was something important. It was a text message after all. But, no, it was a billing notice.
  • No human intelligence has been encoded into the scheduling of these. Can you believe I got one of these on Christmas Day? Yeah, Merry Christmas to you too!
  • The language is arcane. Get rid of the cruft and make the wording something that seems natural.

Okay, that’s enough. I just needed to say that.

Tyler Mowing

Tyler thought it would be fun to push the lawn mower for a while.

(Note: that is our neighbors lawn mower. I was out shooting pictures of the remodel.)

Remodel Update Week 3

Week three of the remodel project has been substantial. Arriving home to heavy equipment in the yard is the first clue. Most of this weeks pictures are large holes dug around our house. It’s proven to be a big inconvenience as we cannot walk from the front yard to the backyard easily now. This leaves Chase incredibly confused about where he’s supposed to do his business in the yard.

The week ahead starts some of the framing work and the excavation of the floor in the basement. The next shots from the basement should be interesting! I love how the light comes in from outside in the basement already. I’m also pretty excited about the large windows we’ll have in the basement. I think the space will feel really nice.

We lost about 3 days this week due to rain. Everyone agreed we didn’t want large holes in the yard filled with three feet of rainwater.

Saturday at Science Museum

Tammy had her 2nd photography class today. Last week I went with the “Dad standby” and we went to the Zoo. Today we went to the Science Museum.

Standing Desk Trial

I’m taking a trial run at a standing desk. If I like it I’ll see about something more nicer than a box of paper and an upside down recycling container.

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