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Mazie In Tree

Mazie’s kindergarten class had a picnic at the Rose Garden by Lake Harriet. She decided to do a little tree climbing while we were there.

Twins Fan Tyler

Tyler did his best to try and help our last place team. Doesn’t seem to have had much effect yet.

Memorial Day Grilling

Memorial Day is required grilling in my book. I did the entire meal outside. Simple burgers, asparagus, carrots and grilled romaine hearts. Delicious.

General contractor

We just hired Quartersawn as the general contractor to do a house project. Upon signing the agreement every friend of mine feels compelled to share every horror story they’ve ever heard about how horrible general contractors and home remodeling projects can be. Thanks! :-)

Foo Fighters in Council Bluffs

It has been a day since the Foo Fighters show and my ears are still ringing. This had to be one of the loudest shows I’ve been to, and it was great.

Let me start with the bad news. Kent and I had talked about going to this show specifically because Motörhead was opening for the Foo Fighters. Yeah, we wanted to see the Foo Fighters but we also really wanted to see Lemmy and the gang. Kent put it all together and added a couple of other guys to our gang to head down to the show. Sadly, when we got to the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs there was a sign on the door saying that due to travel problems Motörhead would not be performing. Ugh!

The silver lining though was the 2nd line that said the Foo Fighters would play for 2.5 hours! When Grohl was on stage he said

We’ve got 16 years and a hundred ******* songs. How many of those do you think we can play tonight?

They played all the best of them! I grabbed a couple of video snapshots from the show to give a sense of what it was like. Did I mention it was loud?

I had seen the Foo Fighters play on the Skin & Bones tour. That was nothing like this one. This was a hard, I might even say metal, show. Grohl and the Foos put on an amazing show.

The stage set was pretty cool. They had these 6 “video orbs” on cables that moved around and showed a variety of effects. The stage itself had video projected from underneath on the floor which I still can’t figure out how they did.

There was also a small stage on a platform that lifted about 15 feet in the air toward the back of the main floor. Grohl made a few trips out there and did the solo acoustic songs in the encore on that stage.

I just love this picture that makes the stage look like it’s exploding in light.

If you dig the Foo Fighters, go check out this tour.

Asking For Too Much

Softball season has arrived again and the B-Squad is back out trying to win a game. My softball team calls Dusty’s in Northeast home, and after every game (and sometimes before) you will find us at Dusty’s enjoying a Grain Belt Premium.

Part of our ritual is the jukebox and Dusty’s has now upgraded their jukebox to a fancy new version that has a touch screen display as well as a connection to the Internet to do various things. I would assume it gets new music that way. It also can get messages about what to play from the Internet and there is a handy little iPhone app that you can install for free to control the jukebox. I was eager to give this a try.

I downloaded myTouchTunes to do some remote control of the Dusty’s jukebox. I expected to just be able to install it, connect to the jukebox through some lookup and somehow pick songs. However, it seemed I had to create an account with myTouchTunes to do that. Annoying, but okay I thought. I’ll make an account and I’m guessing you can save some preferences or something for me (although, that could just be done on my phone). So I tapped the Register button to make an account and got this screen.

It was one thing to have to create an account, but why exactly does anyone need to know my age and gender to pick a song on a jukebox? Why is my zip necessary to queue up Black Sabbath’s Ironman. It is not! I closed the application and deleted it. I’ll stick to putting plain old dollar bills in and picking songs.

Seriously, what in the world is myTouchTunes doing here? I think asking for all that information is despicable on its own, but what in the world good is it doing them? If they want popular songs by area, they don’t need my zip. They know where the jukebox is. Why do they care if I’m a guy or gal? Of what possible utility is that to them?

I’ll pass.

Why I run my own websites

Marco Arment had a blog post today on the recent changes to Twitters API. He highlights that “Twitter is not Ours”.

Twitter can do whatever they want.

It’s the simple, brutal truth. Twitter must do what’s best for Twitter. They owe us nothing.

It’s not a public good. It’s not a right. It’s a private, entirely centralized service with no meaningful competition and a massive network-effect barrier to competitive entry. Twitter has all of the power in its relationship with users and developers.

You can replace Twitter in that reference with nearly any other social network or hosted blogging platform on the Internet.

This is why I run my own websites, on servers I pay for and administer, using open source software.


I was reading this very interesting article on Bitcoins by Jasan Calacanis and used the term “technotarian” and then defined it in a footnote as:

We made this term up to describe the “good people” of the internet who believe in the fundamental rights of individuals to be free, have free speech, fight hypocrisy and stand behind logic, technology and science over religion, political structure and tradition. These are the people who build and support things like Wikileaks, Anonymous, Linux and Wikipedia. They think that people can, and should, govern themselves. They are against external forms of control such as DRM, laws that are bought and sold by lobbyists, and religions like Scientology. They include splinter groups that enforce these ideals in the form of hacktivism, such as the takedown of the Sony Playstation Network after Sony tried to prosecute a hacker for unlocking its console.

Great term. A quick search also brought this 1995 definition of Technological Libertarianism.

MinneBar 6 Photos

Yesterday was an absolutely great MinneBar event. I lugged the big camera around to get some shots. I didn’t get that many because I presented for the first three sessions. I got some good shots from the kick-off and a handful of others.

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MinneBar 6 Opening

I got the privilege of kicking off and introducing Ben and Luke this morning at MinneBar 6. I snapped a quick panorama of the crowd. About 1,000 people!

What a great event!

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