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Tesla Roadster Sighting

First spotting of a Tesla Roadster in Minneapolis. Parked outside of Café Lurcat. Given the plates I’m guessing it is someone from Z.Vex Effects car.

Backyard Lights

We have done a number of things in our backyard to make it more of an outdoor living space. We decided to put some LED tree lights in to make the backyard more of a place to hang out at night. I had Custom Christmas Lighting do it so it would look nicer. They did a very nice job.

Pot Rack

After much searching Tammy found a pot rack that works in our kitchen. It was a bit of a bear to mount but it looks nice and seems very functional. I can tell you that the studs in that wall are not 16 inches on center.

I’ve struggled with the kitchen in our new house. I think this is going to make it much more pleasant to cook in.

$75 For Gas

Bit of a shocker when we filled the minivan up with gas.

Happy Easter!

My New Espresso Bar

We had a new cabinet installed recently and the countertop and plumbing were finished today. I now have a nice spot for my espresso machine an it’s even plumbed in so no more filling up the reservoir in the unit. Just need some pulls for the doors now.

Family, Cousins

A few weeks ago we went back to North Dakota for a long weekend to visit my Grandma Rose. In her house she has this needlework display with the names of all the grandchildren, my cousins, on it. Fifteen names in total.

I’ve seen this many times. My mother is the one that did the needlework on it. But now, with my own family in mind, I stood there in recognition for what it represented, family.

Odd Facebook Conversations

On Facebook I follow a handful of people who are (semi-)famous, and I don’t know but I know there work. One of those people is Jim Brandenburg, the renowned photographer that calls Ely, Minnesota his home. Anyway, he posted today that he was selling some of his gear, and it really seems that “Ellen” isn’t quiet getting it. Awkward. The ALL CAPS is just bonus.

Improved Workspace with Monitor Arm

My friend Garrick recently posted about an ergonomic improvement to his workspace. He got a monitor arm to get his display up where it worked better for him. Recently I’ve felt a lot of back fatigue and aching and I feel a lot better when I sit up straight. My monitor is typically to low for this though, so inspired by Garrick I ordered a duplicate of his rig. I got the Ergotron LX LCD Arm along with an adapter for the Apple Cinema display.

I have a 30″ cinema display that I mounted this on. I had to adjust the tension a lot to hold the big monitor, but my first reaction is that it is way better. Plus, I got a lot of desk space back and flexibility to collaborate with others that come into my office.

I like it enough I may need to get one for home too! (For comparison, that is an 11″ MacBook Air next to the display.)

I’m not in love with the cable management, but it works well enough. I could do better with some extra zip ties in a cleanup session.

What plants for our backyard?

Last year we had some hardscaping done in our backyard. We created a little planting area next to the garage. This year I’d like to plant it but am not sure what to plant.

The area is almost always in the shade, so we need plants that do well with low light. We only want native plants and have a strong bias for perennials. I could see a couple of annuals if they really added to it. I like tall native grasses but I’m guessing the constant shade will be a problem.

Any suggestions from Minnesotan “green thumbs” reading? Here is a photo of the planting bed alongside the garage.

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