Was Wrong on OpenID

My friend John asked me to present at a class of his next week at the U of MN. I took an old Keynote presentation I had from a couple of years ago to start with and ran across this slide. I don’t think I could have been more wrong!

I was definitely an OpenID advocate at the time, and for a long time before this talk. Makes me sad though since OpenID was open, and not owned by any one company. Hyperlinks between OpenID’s are such an elegant way of creating connections and is so web friendly.

368MB of Ads

It has been a really long time since I used the Wired application on my iPad, but I recently fired it up and bought an issue to peruse. The experience could not have been more frustrating!

First, after I paid for the content, I wasn’t able to download it because my iPad’s storage was full. I use the option in iTunes to fill empty space with music. I had to go delete a movie to make room for a magazine. Somehow a magazine is as big as a movie?

After deleting, the download starts. 368 MB of data. This takes forever. Even on a good, fast Internet connection. About 15 minutes later I still see the bar filling up.

Still waiting. Finally it finishes, and I think I can now finally take a look at what I bought. Oh wait, I guess we have to “Install” this too?

About 20 minutes after I started I could browse through far too many advertisements. Don’t think I’ll be repeating this process any time soon.

Driveway Avalanche

Our driveway provides almost no opportunity for me to get snow out of the way. I blow a lot of it over the fence into the backyard, but I also blow a lot of it against my neighbors garage. There is a limit to how high you can go though.

I’ve debated next fall creating a series of wood shelves to set next to the neighbors garage. I could then blow the snow vertically into the shelves and I could get it 10 or 12 feet in the air. It would work as a form of snow fence.

New Standards at Lantern Festival Gala

One of our favorite bands, The New Standards, announced they were playing at the Lantern Festival Gala for Yinghua Academy.

Yinghua is a Chinese immersion school in Minneapolis and we have a few friends that send their kids to the school. We’ve heard nothing but good things. Tammy picked up tickets so we could support a good school and get to see a relatively small and intimate performance by The New Standards.

It was a really good show.