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Depressing Phone Tree

“If you are calling regarding a death claim please press 9, if you are calling regarding a cancer policy please press 5, …”

Double Grilled Cheese Dego

US v. Ghana at Riverview Theater

Today my brother-in-law Hector and I went to the Riverview Theater to check out the US v. Ghana game in the World Cup. I was excited to watch the game and hopeful that the US would get past the round of 16 for the first time. Luckily Hector got there 30 minutes early or we would have been out of the luck. The place was packed.

It’s hard to see the people but there wasn’t an empty seat in the place. People were really into the game. After Ghana took an early lead the room was filled with energy when Donovan took his penalty kick and scored to tie the game. I grabbed 30 seconds of the screaming and yelling at that kick.

The game was on another continent, but at that moment, and many other moments, it felt like we were only a bit off the pitch. What a great game, even though we lost.

Flickr, Leaving You in Control

I want to take a moment to applaud Flickr. It really frustrates me when websites do not give you full control of your data. I decided that I wanted to start over on Flickr and delete every picture I have. Some services make this so painful. In Flickr though, it was just a couple of clearly labeled and easily accessible clicks away.

That took a while, but when it was done I had a blank slate to start with again.

Thank you Flickr for making it very clear that I am in charge of my account and what is there.

Big Green Egg Truck

Spotted in front of Settergren’s Ace Hardware.

Swing Set on the Way!

We are redoing a lot of the outdoor space in the backyard of our new house. We’ve wanted to put in a swing set for Mazie but it was a real challenge to find something that would fit in our standard city lot. It took a lot of creative thinking but we finally figured out a way to make it work and Tammy found a swing set that would fit in the space.

Tammy ordered the unit from CedarWorks. They send a rendered model of the swing set when you order it. Pretty cool.
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iOS 4 Folders for Context

I’ve written before about how much work it is to navigate a lot of apps on the iPhone. Today’s launch of iOS 4 brings us folders in Springboard which is a huge boon to the obsessively organized crowd. I can also report through early use that launching apps with search remains a faster way to get at apps, even with folders.

However, I’ve noticed one really interesting and unexpected side benefit of the folders. They work great to set up context. It makes sense to group apps in folders based on function, but try doing some on context. The reason this works well is a very minor design decision in iOS 4. Here is my folder for Reading.

What is interesting about this is that when you launch one of these apps and then return to Springboard the folder remains expanded. You have to press home again, or tap outside of the folder, to get back. This expansion allows you to focus on a context almost in a GTD way. You can expand the folder, launch in to one app, leave, launch into a related app, leave, go back. You could even see making contexts in tools like Omnifocus that map to folders of apps in iOS that you get that stuff done with. Nifty!

First CSA Box of the Season

As many know we try to support local, sustainable food production as much as possible. We’ve tried to do Community Support Agriculture (CSA) shares in the past and have never been terribly proud of our ability to use everything. Additionally, you need to find the right CSA for you and what you are looking for.

Now that we are in the city were only a mile away from Tangletown Gardens and we were pretty excited to find out that they are doing a CSA this year. I signed up right away for a half-share (Tammy’s wise direction to not go full share) and we picked up our first box today.

The first impression is great. The boxes were refrigerated until pickup, something none of our earlier CSA’s have done. They have a nice 2-page printout of the package contents with suggestions, which is really helpful for me. And, they had a table full of freshly picked strawberries for sale in addition to the quart in the boxes. If you haven’t had a fresh picked, truly ripened strawberry in a while do yourself a favor and get some. Delicious.


Why isn’t it common to have a tunnel from your detached garage to the basement of your house?


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