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Month: May 2010

Social Media iPhone Icons

Noticed this on my iPhone screen the other day.

What is it with the blue? These companies are supposed to be thought leaders but they can’t help but fall all over each other to have the most boring, bland and similar logos?

Where is the red? C’mon people. Make it at least seem interesting!

Dego Melt


Chomp indeed.

eBooks are Lighter

After lugging all 740 pages of Team of Rivals from the library on the bus multiple times I finally caved and bought the eBook.

Find My Phone

Used “Find My iPhone” tonight to, find my iPhone. So nice to not have to search and search. Just listen for the sound.

Happy Mothers Day

Wishing my wife an awesome mother’s day. She’s a great mom! Love you dear!

Tyler Giggling

Tyler loves to giggle.

Happy Baby!

Scape Goat Beer

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