Big Move Started

Yesterday we started the big move. There have been many preparations but yesterday with the help of many family members we moved the majority of the art to the new house.

“You’re moving you say?” Yes! I haven’t been writing much lately but we bought a house and closed on it on March 1st. The last three weeks we’ve had every room painted in the new house, new carpet installed and some small projects. All stuff that is great to get done when nobody is living there.

Our new house is at 53rd and Morgan in Minneapolis. Tomorrow the moving company is coming to get everything packed and ready, and on Tuesday we make the move. We’ll be in the new house after that.

We are all really excited about the new place! We are also sad to move away from a great house and friends.

iPad Ordered!

Placed the order this morning for the iPad and am excited to see the future of touch computing in early April.

I wasn’t sure what one to get, so I decided to go in the middle with the 32 GB. It is hard to know how much space we will want on these devices.