Photography, Taking the Long Way

Please be aware this this blog post was published mulitple years ago. It is very possible that links on this page will not work as intended.

When I was getting ready to go up to Wintergreen for my dog sledding trip I was talking with my friend Jim about the trip and he told me there were two things I had to do. First, I needed to check out the two papers in Ely. Ely is a small town, but they have two vibrant newspapers and they have a spirited back-and-forth between the two. I enjoyed reading the Echo and the Timberjay on the couch at Wintergreen on my first day. As an aside, if you are looking for a little Ely love, go to WELY’s website and start streaming the local radio station. It’s awesome. I’m listening to it right now as I type this. Jim’s second recommendation was that I take “the best road in Minnesota” while I was up there. The “fast way” to get to Ely is to take I-35 North and then head up on 33/53/37/169. The “slow way”, which is about 90 minutes longer, is to take I-35 North and go through Duluth, take the scenic drive on the North Shore, and then Highway 1 to Ely. On the way to Ely, I took the fast way. On the way home, I decided to put my camera with a couple of lenses in the passenger seat and head down Highway 1. It was great, and there were a lot of photography stops. Here are my pictures on the Long Way Home.

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