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Month: September 2009 (page 1 of 4)

Drobo Scares


Just sitting here working away with some reasonably heavy I/O operations on my Drobo and it spontaneously rebooted itself. Yikes.

This is awesome.

The Wire, Season 4

Just finished watching season 4 of The Wire. Amazing season in an amazing series. Brutally up close.

1+1 Macchiatto


Plate of Tenderloin


Four Pounds of Tenderloin

4 lbs tenderloin going on the Big Green Egg.

Steamworks Coffee Macchiato

Very nice macchiato at Steamworks Coffee.

“Don’t be stupid – we reserve the right to kick you out if you’re being a dick (or any other reason we find).” — SurlyFest 2009 Program

SurlyFest 2009


“Improving a pain-in-the-ass does not make it a kiss! And we need a kiss!”
– Doc Searls, Rebooting the News #23

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