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iPhone 3.0 Phone Label

This is a little change in the iPhone 3.0 release that I hadn’t seen anyone mention. When you change the type of a phone number in Address Book on the iPhone you’ve always been able to set custom labels in addition to the built-in ones. However, there was a new one added in 3.0 for “iPhone” (see 2nd choice).

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Flying Scotsman

Good movie all bout Graeme Obree‘s pursuit of various cycling records.

First Shot at Homemade Ice Cream

Cooking was definitely the action for this years Father’s Day gifts. Tammy signed me up for a couple more of the Grillmaster cooking classes at Kitchen Window. Mazie got me something I’ve wanted to play around with for a while, an ice cream maker. We gave it a go for the first time tonight with a basic vanilla ice cream recipe. Mazie put the ingredients together and I did the measuring, we then poured it into the machine and started it up.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

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Homemade Ice Cream!

First time!

me: Macchiato please.
barista: Caramel Macchiato?
me: No, macchiato.
barista: Espresso Macchiato?
me: Yes, macchiato.

Nicely done Macchiato

Star Trek Movie

We finally went and saw the new Star Trek movie. I really enjoyed it. I hesitated seeing it for a long time. It was really good.



If it’s got a badge, it’s gotta go.

— Malibar

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